torsdag den 29. oktober 2009

Strike Sympathizers

Gary Williams

Greetings from Kampala, Uganda!!!

30 October 2009 at 4.00 PM sharp
I will STRIKE against capitalisation
of art and humans in general.

STRIKE program:

- STOP doing art!
- After a few drinks, I will later have a seafood buffet with lots of
cold white wine.
- Before going to bed I shall remind myself, that one is not free before all art is free.
- I tribute all my dear colleagues and falls asleep.

To avoid any kind of misunderstandings:
this is NOT performance art
- this is a true STRIKE!

For further questions please contact:

Daniel Milan

Kære Kunstnere ! 

En kærlig og varm hilsen fra skuespillerpersonalet på Betty Nansen

Teatret !

Vi hylder jer og fejrer jer ! 

Tillidsmand Ghita Nørby


Mette Marie Eskesen Lambers

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